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DroneBee HD 3" Ducted CineWhoop FPV Drone PNP w/ DJI FPV Air Unit (Experience Combo), without DJI Radio Controller

Combined Hobbywing Xrotor F4 & 60A ESC with FPV System inc.  Air Unit with Built In Receiver, DJI FPV Goggles, DJI Camera, you can use your own transmitter from DJI or other brands
All Custom 3D printed parts made for the DJI system (Included)
HD is ideal if you are looking for a small filming quad that can carry the DJI HD FPV system. The included prop guards make this quad significantly safer if filming indoors and outdoors
Well-designed 160mm Wheel Base Carbon Fiber Ducted Frame w/ EVA Bumper Protection.

Please note this kit it built to order and usually takes around 3 days to assemble/test depending on our build queue.

RTF Included Components and Parts
1. DroneBee Frame w/ all 3D TPU Parts Designed for DJI FPV Air Unit
2. DJI FPV Goggles, FPV Video Transmitter HD (w/ Receiver Built inside), Camera
3. Hobbywing F4 G3 Flight Controller, Xrotor 60A 4in1 ESC
4. 3" Propellers (4pcs)
5. Hobbymate 1505+ 4300Kv Motors (or rcinpower 1506) (4pcs)
6. Hobbymate battery strap
7. Prebuilt and tuned before shipment
8. Carry case (to buy saparately)

Prebuilt weight: 360 grams (W/o Battery)
Frame Wheel Base: 160 mm
Frame dimension: 220*200 mm
Motors: 3-4s Power 4300 Kv (2900Kv 6s option)
Fly time: 6-10 minutes
Fly range: 4 Km
Hobbywing Flight Stack w/ F4 G3 flight controller, 60A Xrotor 4in1 esc
DJI FPV Air Unit, one HD Video Transmitter with receiver built inside, Camera, Digital FPV Goggles

3D Print TPU Parts:
1. DJI FPV Camera Protector
2. Antenna Holder
3. GoPro Holder

1 x Prebuilt DroneBee HD Drone PNP
1 x DJI Digital FPV Goggles
1 x DJI FPV Video Transmitter HD
1 x DJI Digital Camera
1 x Hobbywing flight stack
1 x set of tpu parts
4 x 1505+ or 1506 motors
4 x 3" props
Other parts as pictures

Check on DJI Official Site for User Manual : https://www.dji.com/fpv/info#downloads

* There is not battery included in the combo, due to shipment restrictions. Customer need to get a battery by themself.
* We recommend customers to choose Expedited Shipping Service when plance an order
* Prebuilt items may take a little bit longer time than usual, we appreciate your patience

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