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HOBBYMATE Lipo Battery Safe Bag Fireproof - for Lipo Battery Charging, Lipo Battery Storage

With a secure heavy-duty velcro closure and vents to reduce pressure, two way zipper to ensure the bag awway from oxygen to make sure in accident lipo fire to last long time and develop to a huge disaster.
Made of supreme fire retardant fiberglass nylon, both inside film and outer surface
The latest material outer surface was Fire retardant, no glass fiber will annoy anymore
This flame retardant bag is a convenient way of safeguarding your LiPo batteries during charging, transit, and storage.
It is midium size to place multiple batteries at once (for example 15-20 pcs 2200mah 3S lipo)
Protect your home and valuables from a fire due to a Lipo battery failure with HOBBYMATE Lipo-Safe bag. Useful for storage, travel and during charging. The bag has an outer and inner lining made from a woven fire retardant fiberglass material, which helps contain and greatly reduce any fires inside the bag.
While Lipo Safe bags can help provide some much-needed protection, it is still crucial to follow the proper precautions for Lipo battery charging at all times.
We urge all customers to always practice extreme caution when charging and never leave a charging battery unattended.
Use: for safer charging and storage of batteries
Dimensions (LxWxD): 20*15*15 cm
Weight: 160g
Remember no Li-Po charging bag is actually 100% fire proof, they are all designed to minimize the Li-Po fires posibility for as long as possible to provide more time to extinguish the fire and minimize possible damage to persons and surroundings.
Ensure that charger rate is properly set and polarity is correct.
Attach charging leads to battery.
Place battery in Lipo Safe towards the bottom.
Place Lipo Safe on non-flammable surface.
Route charge leads through vent at the top seam of the Lipo Safe.
Close and secure the velcro and zipper on the Lipo Safe top flap.
Charge battery using proper charging practices.
Package includes:
1 x Lipo Battery Safe Bag


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