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Sg90 9g Servo Motor Kit for RC Robot Arm, Rc Helicopter, Rc Airplane and Rc Car

Application Fields: remote control helicopters, micro robot, robot arm and boats. ALL kind of R/C Toys and Arduino experiments
Interface Type: compatible with JR & Futaba interface. No Load Running Speed: 0.09±0.01 sec/60° at 4.8V Rotary Angle: 120°
Stall Torque (4.8V): 17.5oz /in (1kg/cm) Dead band width: 7usec
Amplifier type:Analog controller Operating voltage: 4.8V~6.0V

Control system:Change the pulse width
Amplifier type:Analog controller
Operating trave:l120°±10° (900→2100 μsec)
Left&Right travelling Angle deviation:≤ 6°
Centering deviation:≤ 1°
Neutral position:1500 μsec
Dead band width:7 μsec
Rotating direction:Counter Clockwise (900→2100μsec)
Pulse width range:900→2100 μsec
Maximum travel:About 120° (900→2100 μsec)

Apply Environmental Condition:
Operating Temperature Range:-10℃~50℃
Operating Voltage Range:4.8V~6.0V

Electrical Specification (Function of the Performance):
Operating speed (at no load) 0.09±0.01 sec/60°(4.8V ) 0.08±0.01 sec/60°(6V)
Running current (at no load) 400±30mA (4.8V ) 500±30mA(6V)
Stall torque (at locked) 2.0±0.20kg·cm (4.8V ) 2.2±0.20kg·cm(6V)
Stall current (at locked) 1300±40mA (4.8V ) 1600±50mA(6v)
Idle current (at stopped) 6±1mA (4.8V ) 6±1mA(6v)
Running life(at no load) >350000 Turns(4.8V ) >320000 Turns(4.8V )
Temperature drift(at 25°C) ≤5°C(4.8V) ≤7°C(6V)

Mechanical Specification:
Limit angle:200°± 1°
Weight:9 ± 1 g
Connector wire gauge:#28 PVC
Connector wire length:250 ± 5 mm
Horn type:Cross,star and bar-type
Excessive play:≤0.5°

Appearance Inspection:

Package include:
5 x 9g servo
5 x set of hardware & servo arm


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