HOBBYMATE Asteroid 3" fpv racing frame stretch X carbon fiber detachable Arms

Frame Size: 3 inch wheel base
Prop Size: 3.0″
Carbon Fiber bottom plate: 2mm
Carbon Fiber top plate: 2mm
Carbon Fiber camera mounting plates: 2mm
FC mounting hole size: 20*20 mm
Frame Standoffs: 30mm
Micro Camera 14*14mm
Detachable arms: 4mm
Frame Weight: 35gm


Motor recommend:
Hobbymate 1505+ fpv racing edition motors

Package Includes:
1 x Asteroid 3" fpv racing frame.
1 x set of hardware

Qty available: 10

Customer Reviews

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The Best 3" Racing Platform out there - https://rotorbuilds.com/build/18675

For more detailed information, see my RotorBuilds setup on this frame:

These frames are absolutely exceptional for building a racing 3" frame, really light weight, easy to build, and shockingly durable.

They need 14x14mm sized cameras, but the Runcam Nano2 is so good (also cheap and lightweight), that isn't even a drawback.

These quads fly so good, that for MultiGP Qualifier format events, these are the fastest quads I race, even though I have race quads that cost twice as much, these have the agility to do great things.