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Dji Osmo Pocket Vlog Set

Professional VLOG Extensions

The PGYTECH OSMO Pocket Phone Holder+ can effectively fix the OSMO Pocket with a mobile

 phone to avoid accidental damage of the data plug. It can also extend the usage possibilities of

the OSMO Pocket by using the reserved cold shoe interface and ¼-inch screw to attach

photographic lights, microphones, tripods, and other accessories.

The PGYTECH OSMO Pocket Data Port to Cold Shoe and Universal Mount can realize a

simultaneous connection between OSMO Pocket with the microphone, the camera light and the

extension pole tripod, the camera strap holder, creating more possibilities for VLOG making.

Free Transition between Shooting Modes

The PGYTECH Action Camera Extension Pole Tripod can be used for selfies when combined

with action cameras and provides many other uses when an extension pole is needed. With free

switching between vertical and horizontal shooting modes and smooth transition between

handheld extension pole and tripod stand, the extension pole tripod can greatly extend your

shooting coverage.

Critical Protection

The PGYTECH OSMO Pocket Gimbal Protector provides effective protection to the gimbal and

the vision positioning system (VPS) module, preventing damage. The PGYTECH OSMO Pocket

Screen Protector seamlessly covers the screen and provides reliable protection without affecting


Ingenious Connections

With its specialized slot-design, the OSMO Pocket Data Port to Universal Mount provides a

standard interface for the OSMO Pocket to connect to a wide range of other devices such as the

PGYTECH tripod, the strap holder, the selfie stick, and others, enhancing the function of the

OSMO Pocket.

Portable Storage

The PGYTECH Carrying Case is a portable storage solution for power banks, data cables,
and microphones, with customizable storage space.

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