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Flysky Nirvana NV14 Radio Transmitter Hall Gimbals W/ IA8X and IA8S Receiver, Internal RF Touch Screen OpenTx Ready

AFDHS2A Internal, CRSF Capable & JR Module Bay
The NV14 is an amazing product developed in conjunction with Underground FPV. Moving away from traditional transmitter designs the NV14 has a unique ergonomic design, open source firmware, ports for expandability, a color touch screen display, and most important of all, hall gimbals.
Simulator. - Enable "Joyst" Mode
The Nirvana is using OpenTX firmware, a custom version that is designed specifically for this radio. For those coming to OpenTx, the touchscreen version on the Nirvana is much more intuitive and easier to use than the text based version found on the Taranis radios.
The Nirvana offers a unique take on radio design.
The NIrvana radio is equipped with digital hall sensor gimbals.
The Nirvana comes with a removable hard plastic cover to protect it from knocking the sticks buttons and switches when in your travel bag.
Unlike other gamepad radios on the market like the FrSky X-Lite, the Nirvana is a full size transmitter. The large size and weight of the radio certaintly gives it a quality feel.

Swtiches: Four on the topside with two rotary controls. There are another four switches on the underside of the radio.
Next to the USB port we have the trainer port (3.5mm connector). You can hook it up to another transmitter for instruction/training purposes.
One selling point of the Nirvana is the support for external JR module including the Crossfire, Frsky XJT as well as other multi-protocol modules. The radio comes with a removable module mount, the ideal being the design reduces the size of the radio for those not using external modules.

The Nirvana takes two 18650 Li-ion batteries. The two batteries are connected in parallel, which means it can be powered by just 1 battery. Adding another increases the total capacity and run time. It even allows for battery hot-swap during flight! So if you run out of juice during the next LongRange mission, you can simply replace the batteries one at a time for full ones.

The Nirvana TX comes with two receivers, the IA8X and IA8S which both support, iBus / Sbus and PPM. The Micro IA8X is tiny – it’s about the size of an R-XSR and meant to be used on micro quads. The IA8S receiver has two antennas for diversity. The Micro IA8X has 600-800 meters of range, while the IA8S RX has 1Km to 1.5Km range.


Open TX open source firmware
Hall Sensor Gimbals
Colour Touch Screen Display
Equipped with a 32-bit M4 Core high-performance processor
Native Protocol AFDHS2-A & "AFDHS3 compatible"
Up to 14 channels
External Module Bay - (Crossfire Compatible)
Haptic feedback motor
Optional Bluetooth module
Plug and play with a standard USB cable into your MAC or PC for Sim use
True trainer mode allowing you to link two Nirvana's together for full training systems (Cable included)
Includes 2 receivers as standard, one small single and one larger dual antenna receiver
Unique finger grip design further enhances feel
Unique switch placement for ease of use without sacrificing performance
Foldable omnidirectional antenna
Protective shell for "pack 'n go" protection of switches and gimbals
Operated with 2x 18650 Li-ion batteries (one in each handle grip)
USB charging (cable included)

** Requires 2x 18650 cells (+ charger) **

Package Included:
1 x FS-NV14 Transmitter
1 x IA8S Receiver
1 x IA8X Receiver
1 x Dust cover
1 x Data line
1 x Audio cable

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