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HAKRC F722 flight controller 5V 9V dual BEC OSD 3-9S For RC FPV racing drone


100% Original and Brand new.
Flexible cable connection between flight control and ESC reduces the impact of automatic flight control.
There are many integrated functions of the flight control, and the components are very dense. When installing, please do not use tools (such as needle-nosed pliers or sleeves) to screw the nut, which is easy to scratch the tower hardware and cause unnecessary loss. The correct way is to tighten the nut with your fingers and the screwdriver can quickly tighten the screw from the bottom. (Remember not to be too tight, so as not to damage the PCB)
Do not install the propeller when installing and debugging the flight control. Try not to fly indoors to avoid safety accidents. Before installing the propeller test, check again that the motor is turning and the propeller is in the correct direction. Safety Tip: Do not fly near the crowd.
Do not use non-original aluminum or nylon columns to avoid damage to the flight control hardware. The official standard is a custom-sized nylon column for the fly tower.
Before the power is turned on, please check whether the installation between the towers is correct (it must be arranged with the pins or cables aligned), check whether the positive and negative poles of the welding are correct, and check whether the motor screws are against the motor stator to avoid short circuit.
Check if there is any solder on the electronic parts of the tower, which may cause a short circuit.

Brand name: HAKRC
Item name: F722 Flight Controller
Size: 36x36mm
Package Size: 62x58x17mm
Mounting hole distance: 30.5x30.5mm φ4mm
Net Weight: 6g
Gross Weight: 20g
OSD: Yes
Processor: STM32F722RGT6
Gyroscope: MPU6000
BEC output: 5V/2A ; 9V/2A
Storage device: 16MB
Lipo: 3—9S
Support BF firmware ( HAKRC F722 firmware): betaflight_3.5.5_HAKRCF722
UART Serial Ports: 5

Package Includes:

1 X F722 Flight Controller
1 X 8p Soft Silicone Cable
4 X Shock Absorber Ring

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