HOBBYMATE 2305 Designed for fpv racing competition Bot available with 2500Kv for 3-4S and 1800Kv for 5-6S lipo fpv racing drone More efficient, and more powerful Hobbymate colabrate with rcinpower and spent half a year for all of fpv racing pilots a new generation fpv racing competition motor, you will be excited with this 2305 motor for the fpv racing champion
Hobbymate Brushless Motor 2500/1800Kv for FPV Racing Drone, 1800Kv designed for 6S lipo Racing Drone, 2500Kv is for 3-5S Spec: Kv: 2500 / 1800 Kv Configuration: 12N14P Stator Diameter: 23mm Stator Length: 5mm Shaft Diameter: 4mm (Hollow shaft) Motor Dimension: 29*29.25mm Weight: 30 grams (30mm wire) Idle current (10) @10v(A): 1.9A No.of Cells (Lipo) : 3-5S / 6S Max Continuous Power (W) 180S: 950 Internal Resistance: 45m (ohm) Max Current (30s): 45A Max Effciency Current: (3-6A) >85% 2500Kv Test Data: 2305-2500kv-2.png 1800Kv Test Data: 2305-1800kv-test-data.png Package includes: 1x motor (2500kv / 1800kv optional)
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