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Double ball head design, fully adjustable through 360°

Uses an adjustable double ball head structure and single-knob adjustment design. While being portable, it can still tilt and rotate through 360° and meet the needs of shooting different scenes and angles. It can be used to connect cameras and auxiliary equipment such as lights, monitors, microphones.

Flexible Alai positioning structure

The flexible Alai positioning structure design effectively improves the stability of the equipment connection and
can be widely adapted for most normal ¼” interface equipment without Alai holes.

Compact and lightweight,
easy to carry

Modular design, foldable for storage, compact and lightweight.

Aluminum alloy material

The appearance is attractive, using a combination of metal
and silicone. It is both rigid and flexible, which not only meets
the high-strength requirements of the connector,
but also gives it a beautiful appearance and comfortable feel.

Standard cold shoe mount

Equipped as standard with a cold shoe male
connector to allow external equipment such
as a camera cold shoe mount or camera cage
cold shoe mount.

Achieve anything you want by using the three modules in any configuration.

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