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Original Hobbywing Platinum HV V4 130A BEC / OPTO 5-14S Lipo Empty mold Brushless ESC for RC Drone Helicopter Aircraft
Excellent performance constant speed

32 M4 ARM core control provides up to 72MHz operating frequency, constant speed adjustable sensitivity.

Super soft gentle start

Helicopter Flight mode the motor slow start-up time adjustable 8-25 seconds,

High-power BEC

Built-in programmable switch mode BEC, the output voltage is within the range 0.1V steps 5-8V continuously adjustable, continuous output current of 10A above instantaneous output current up to 25A.

Synchronous rectification technology

ESC with synchronous rectification drive efficiency optimization techniques (DEO --- Driving Efficiency Optimization, also known as Freewheeling technology), brings multiple advantages

(1) Faster throttle response, flight stability and flexibility at the same time can be strengthened

(2) higher drive efficiency, extend battery life

(3) Lower power transfer temperature, more reliable power transfer

More braking mode

Having brake closed, ordinary brake, proportional brake, reverse brake four modes, adjustable braking force in the normal braking mode, in proportion braking mode, the braking force and the position of the throttle stick linear correlation; in the reverse brake mode, other channels by remote control can be achieved motor forward and reverse.

Multiple protection

With boot protection, overcurrent protection, temperature protection, the capacitance-temperature protection, overload protection, throttle signal loss protection, input voltage abnormal protection Multiple protection features.

More Extras

Own independent parameter setting interface, expand a variety of functions:

(1) connection box multifunction LCD parameter setting parameter setting, or connect Hooray WiFi Express wireless module through the mobile phone terminal (Apple & Android) software for parameter settings;

(2)have the flight data recorder function, can record the lowest voltage when the second flight, the maximum current, the maximum temperature data, calibration speed (constant speed mode are stored under the helicopter) velocity curve table, and through independent parameter setting interface to view the above apparatus ;

(3)ESC firmware upgrade (requires LCD module parameter setting box or WiFi).

Built-in ignition circuit

Built-in ignition circuit, effectively eliminate the electric spark generated instantly and prolong the service life of the plug.

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