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Action Camera Pocket Suction Cup Suction Bracket Mount

Tips: Maximum Bearing Weight: 1.5kg
Please read the instructions manual carefully before use
The suction cup bracket is suitable for photographic accessories such as sports cameras, mobile phones, small photography lights, microphones and other photographic equipment fixed on smooth surfaces such as glass, smooth desktop, smooth tile wall surface
Whole product uses adjustable double ball structure, aluminum alloy material, single knob adjustment design; while operating portable, it can meet 360° tilt and rotation, meet the needs of shooting for different scenes and different angles
Easy to fold, small storage size, portable; top reserved action camera universal transfer interface, standard 1/4 screw adapter, equipped with a wide range of equipment. It continues the PGYTECH quick release wrench design

Double Ball Structure,360° Angle Adjustment

double ball structure,360° angle adjustment; Can adjust the angle according to different usage scenarios and shooting needs.

Large Suction Cup, Strong Adsorption

Using elastic resin, thick suction cup, large suction force, stable and reliable,
can be adsorbed on smooth and flat surface.

High Strength Aluminum
Alloy Material

The middle link is made of high-strength aluminum
alloy, sturdy and light.

Quick Release Wrench
Quick Operation

The PGYTECH Pin quick release wrench is patented and
quick to operate.

Folding Storage, Small And Portable

Fully consider storage and carrying,  foldable and portable.

Please note that the product can only be stored for a short period of time when folded like this and with temperatures ranging from 0 - 30℃


Standard 1/4 Screw Adapter, Wide Adaptability

Standard 1/4 screw adapter, can be connected to various equipment such as photography lights, mobile phone clips, etc.

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